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Emergency Restoration Services

Our Process at Emergency Restoration Service

Our Process at Emergency Restoration Service

Thank you for choosing Emergency Restoration Services for your mitigation and reconstruction needs. We are excited to work with you in getting your home or business returned to pre-loss condition. Below is a quick overview of what most clients will experience during this process. Your specific project may not contain all the phase below depending on many variables that are present in every job. We hope this helps to clarify the process and what you should expect from Emergency Restoration Services, if you need any further explanation or clarification, please reach out to your project manager or our front office staff and we will be happy to answer any specific questions you may have.

  • Emergency response phase – work authorization signed, water extraction setting of drying equipment. In non-insurance claim work a 50% deposit is required prior to start.
  • Stabilization phase – stabilizes the environment while waiting for a multitude of reasons such as insurance right to inspect, Asbestos testing/mitigation, Packout of content, or agreement of materially interested parties just to name a few.
  • Mitigation phase – this is when demolition and, cleaning of the structure occurs.
  • Drying phase – dehumidification and air movers are used to dry the structure. Our staff will monitor the job daily to ensure drying goals are achieved.
  • Mitigation invoice – Once all the mitigation is complete the final invoice and close out documents are sent to you and a courtesy copy to your insurance carrier.
  • Reconstruction estimate – After demo is complete our reconstruction team will start to create your estimate for repairs if you would like us to. This process can take any where from 1 day to a week depending on the severity of the loss. Please let us know if there are any changes you would like to make so we can include them in our estimate.
  • Reconstruction scheduling – The estimate is agreed upon by all materially interested parties, work authorization or contract is signed, and reconstruction deposit paid.
  • Reconstruction begins – Depending on the severity this timeline could be quick or much longer. The goal is to return your home or business back to pre-loss condition in a timely manner. Please be aware that because of Covid material needed to complete your repairs may be delayed due to manufacturing shortages.
  • Reconstruction invoiced – Once all the reconstruction is complete the final invoice is sent to you and a courtesy copy to your insurance carrier.

We are here to help answer any questions you have; our project managers and staff are available Mon-Fri from 7:30-4:00 pm to answer your questions. If you have an emergency and need immediate assistance you can reach our office 24/7 at 757-775-6911 and we will get have the proper staff person to address your concerns.