Fire And Smoke Damage Restoration in Virginia Beach City Virginia

Fire And Smoke Damage Restoration Services in Virginia Beach City Virginia

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Smoke and fire damage to your home is devastating. Determining the exact cost for cleanup will depend on many major factors, such as the extent of the damage, potential water cleanup, chemical repair from extinguishers, soot removal, and smoke damage restoration.

Don’t wait! If fire restoration is postponed, the destruction from smoke damage can become even worse. The longer you wait to address the damage, the more repairs you'll have to make, with likely a larger bill for damages in the end. Avoid costly repairs and long-term issues and make fire damage restoration a priority to avoid potential problems that can occur from delay.

The fire damage restoration process addresses the damage caused by a fire in your home or business premises and restores normal living conditions so that you can get back to normal as quickly as possible.

Fire & Smoke Damage Assessment

Emergency Restoration Services, LLC will assess the extent of the damage to your property and will try to save as many of your home and personal belongings (such as appliances, furniture and clothing) as we can. This will involve looking at how far the fire, smoke, and soot have traveled, as well as seeing how severely the fire affected your walls and furniture. Only by understanding the extent of the damage can we come up with a plan of action and an estimate for how much cleanup and restoration should cost, plus an accurate estimate of how long it will take.

We’ll take pictures and keep written records of everything we remove from your home. We’ll return any salvageable furniture and appliances back to your home, after the restoration is complete. We’ll work quickly and carefully to get you back in your home as soon as possible, and stay in contact with you to make sure all repairs are done correctly.

Tarp and Sealing Services

Once restoration begins in earnest, the main priority will always be to prevent damage from getting worse. For example, a hole burned in an exterior wall or your roof would receive immediate attention, for obvious reasons. Fire damage restoration also often goes hand in hand with water damage restoration. If the fire has damaged a burst pipe or water tank, it’s essential to stop the source of the water before it spreads through more of the building.

Fire, Smoke and Soot Clean Up

We understand that it’s not just a house, it’s your home. A fire in a home can seem overwhelming. The aftermath can be a blur—what to do first?

Restoration companies are usually the first responder's following significant damage to a home from floods and fires, water pipe breaks, sewage backups and other major events. The job of a restoration company is to clean up the mess and to preserve and protect the home and its contents so that further damage will not occur.

The next task is to clean away smoke, dust, and soot from your surfaces. After a fire you will often find that your property looks dark, stained and charred. Our first job is to clean up this damage and get your property at least looking as normal as possible. Also, standing pools of water will be removed using submersible pumps and the areas will then be dried and sanitized. Water damage can also cause health problems as described elsewhere on this site, so sanitization is particularly important.

During fire damage restoration, we will also remove any odors that linger after the smoke has been in the room. This might involve carpet cleaning or replacement, and will often need to address adjacent rooms as well as those directly affected by the fire.

The final step of clean-up will involve the removal and disposal of items too badly damaged to be repairable. Furniture that has absorbed contaminated water, or badly burned carpeting may need to be thrown out and replaced.

Fire Damage Repair and Renovation

The next stage is to repair the rest of the damage caused by the fire. For instance, if cabinets have been destroyed, they will need to be repaired or replaced. Carpets will need to be installed, walls installed and repainted or wallpaper rehung.

The goal is to get your property looking as good as new so that you can resume life as normal. Emergency Restoration Services, LLC not only offers water, fire and smoke restoration but also renovation and reconstruction services leaving it looking better than before. This can be something of a silver lining – if you can turn this into an opportunity to renovate your property and to enjoy having a completely new redesign. ERS can do that, as well.

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The fire department and emergency services actually put out the fires. However, you may still need fire damage restoration services very quickly to prevent damage from spreading through your property and making a bad situation worse. You’ll need a fire restoration contractor who can assess the damage, give you an estimate on costs and start the cleanup process. That’s Emergency Restoration Services LLC.

The fire and smoke damage restoration experts at Emergency Restoration Services LLC are here to help, please feel free to contact us today.