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Recently completed jobs by Emergency Restoration Services

IMMEDIATE RESPONSE TO: Virginia Beach, Hampton Roads, Norfolk, Chesapeake, and surrounding areas.

Dawn Mc

April 28, 2021 | Virginia Beach, VA

Homeowner had new dishwasher installed and it had a slow leak causing water and mold damage.

Removed kitchen cabinets, and affected drywall. Repaired drywall and cabinets and re-installed

Denise C

April 19, 2021 | Virginia Beach, VA

Set containments in bathroom and bedroom. Removed vanity and most of the baseboards and trim in closet. HEPA Vacuumed both rooms Cleaned remaining surfaces with a disinfectant used to kill mold (ACS).   Installed new vanity, plumbing fixtures, new baseboard and trim. Cleaned carpet in closet.

Richard S

March 4, 2021 | Virginia Beach, VA

Removed and disposed of all damaged drywall, cleaned areas with ACS and replaced and painted new drywall in bedroom 2. In master bedroom all wet drywall and insulation removed, joists treated with an anti-microbial solution and sanded to remove mold. Once that area was cleaned, dried and the roofing issues repaired, new drywall was installed.

Austin M

March 2, 2021 | Virginia Beach, VA

Checked moisture levels of kitchen wall moisture levels within dry standard. Put 1 dehumidifier and two fans in the kitchen. Removed upper and lower cabinets in the kitchen and replaced them. New countertops were installed in the kitchen. Checked subfloor moisture level in the upstairs bathroom.  One dehumidifier was put in the upstairs bathroom. Completed bath remodel and painted living room and foyer ceiling.  New vinyl flooring and carpet were installed in the master bedroom closet and the upstairs hallway.

Amanda G

February 18, 2021 | Virginia Beach, VA

Packed out and cleaned all salvageable items from second floor, non- salvage items were disposed of.  Structure cleaning provided in all bedrooms, bathrooms and hallways on 2nd floor, light cleaning on 1st floor. Carpet and padding removed from all bedrooms, hallway and stairs.  Small drywall repairs, new flooring installed, fresh paint in all areas of 2nd floor and installed new smoke detectors through out the home.  

Juanita P

Norfolk, VA

Tarped roof until repairs could be made. Set containment in dining room and foyer areas. Detached baseboard and crown molding disposing of mold affected pieces. Cut out drywall from wall and ceiling, applied anti-microbial to affected wall studs and wired brushed (cleaned), Hepa Vac’d and applied X-90 which prevents additional mold growth. Damaged roof and siding was removed, due to the age of the home, roof repairs were made replaced with all new shingles and new siding on entire home.