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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, we offer several financing options through our third-party finance company. Additionally, most water damages are covered by your homeowner’s insurance policy and we are more than happy to help you navigate the claims process.

The national average for just water damage mitigation not including the cost of associated repairs is $5500. Repairs can vary greatly but a rule of thumb is repair estimates will start at 2 times the cost of mitigation depending on the quality of finished surfaces that are being replaced.

Our average response time is about 60 minutes depending on your location.

Yes, you are contractually obligated by the terms of your insurance policy to pay your deductible. This can be done in several ways and we are more than happy to discuss these options.

Unfortunately, we cannot make the determination of what is a covered loss. This is the responsibility of the insurance carrier and the interpretation of the policy language. It is illegal in the state of Virginia for anyone not licensed as an insurance agent or adjuster to interpret insurance policy language.

Absolutely! Emergency Restoration Services is a full-service restoration company that is here to work for you. Need a kitchen remodel? We can help with all your upgrades.

There are many factors that determine the length of mitigation or structural dryout depending on the material affected and the size of the project. We typically estimate the drying process 5-8 days after demo and cleaning is completed.

Our Estimator and Project Manager will work directly with your insurance carrier’s adjuster to determine coverage prior to significant demo being performed. There is most likely a clause in your policy that allows the insurance carrier a right to inspect before a significant demo is performed. We typically get this in writing from the insurance carrier their approval to demo before the inspection in the form of a waiver or we will stabilize the loss while we wait for the arrival of the adjuster.

Yes, and No, most insurance policies have a right to inspect clause that we try not to violate. It is typically in our customers’ best financial interest to wait for the carrier to determine mold coverage. If you are willing to assume the risk of the insurance carrier’s ability to not indemnify you on your loss, we do offer customer direct payment options as well as several finance options.

Mold testing starts at $300 depending on the number of tests that are needed.

No, unfortunately there are way too many variables that can affect the overall price.

Tenants can absolutely hire Emergency Restoration Services to perform testing on the property at the tenants’ expense. However, we cannot do any invasive testing that would require removal or altering of finished surfaces without contracting with the owner of the property.

On average most test results are returned to us within 5-7 business days. As with anything, if the timing is critical, for additional fees samples can be overnighted and rush fees can be paid for 2 days turn around (excluding weekends).

Appointments for mold inspection and non-emergency work are made Monday-Friday during normal business hours. We typically can have you scheduled with one of our inspectors within 1-2 days depending on our current workload. Give us a call we can get you scheduled ASAP.

It depends on the item and what materials it is made from. Our industry has very specific standards as to what is a cleanable surface and what is not. Our inspectors can help determine the cleanability of a specific item.

Although we are not doctors, we can say that the US EPA lists all molds as allergenic at a minimum. Additionally, some mold can produce mycotoxins, as well as other harmful chemicals. We suggest you consult your physician for your specific health-related questions. We can provide mold testing that will help you and your physician with the determination of the types and quantity of mold in the air of your home.